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Offline action to online targeting

Transcript Hi, I’m Adam. I head up the paid media team here at Rocket Mill. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal that’s going on at the moment with Mark Zuckerberg recently appearing in front of the US congress. Thought it would be a prime opportunity to talk a bit about Facebook. During the questioning Senator Gary […]

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Automation – changing the face of media

Today, I’m going to be talking about automation and the changing face of media. Specifically, the trends that we’ve seen in updates on products released by Google using machine learning algorithms and AI, and the way that has shaped the tools and platforms that we use as marketers. How AdWords has changed But, before we […]

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Comparison shopping services vs. Google Shopping

Today, I’m going to be talking about the latest developments in the rather lengthy battle that’s been going on between the comparison shopping services and Google. And to do some scene-setting, and to bring everyone up to speed, we’ll start back at the beginning. Google’s practises are questioned Back in November 2010, when the British […]

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Demystifying programmatic display

Today, I’m going to be demystifying programmatic display, or trying to make programmatic display a bit more understandable. I’m sure everyone here is familiar with display ads, and some of you probably know a bit about how programmatic buying works. Today, I want you talk through the process of exactly how an ad is bought […]

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The power of motivation in the conversion funnel

I have been doing some work recently on looking at motivation, and I wanted to talk today about the power of motivation in the conversion funnel and how powerful motivation can be in increasing the likelihood of conversion. When a user enters a site, they arrive with a certain level of motivation. Different users enter […]

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