Are you a small struggling business? Fairer competition with the big boys may be not as difficult as you may think. Getting and keeping your share of the market is difficult. However, optimising your site locally can be the answer.

Most people now use the internet to source their goods and services. Internet searches most often produce national results for both the products and the services. However, if you want someone to fix your washing machine, mend your taps or change a light fitting most people would much prefer to use a local business. Contact is easier and having established a relationship with a local provider you will endeavour to use their products or services again.

Luckily Google likes Local. If your site is optimised to specific local locations this narrows your potential customers search to local within your area. Google Places and Google Offers are useful market tools and help small business to compete with the big guys. You can use Google Places to set your specific locations and then enhance your optimisation by using Google Adwords. Using optimised locations and paying great attention to your adwords maximises your potential.

For the small business the future will be focusing on all aspects of internet marketing. This will include listings across all search engines, social media campaigns and email marketing. Remember Facebook is now more visited than Google!