The race is on.

Using varying & strikingly divergent approaches, the world’s most innovative technology companies are trying to achieve one thing.

They are trying to build ecosystems that will take care of all your digital needs using a single sign-on account.

Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook are at the forefront. Microsoft is at the back, limping, but there.

Most of these companies  already offer platforms as a service, software as a service and infrastructure as a service.

They know what’s at stake and understand the importance of hardware, software and online service consolidation.

Information discovery is the cornerstone of any viable ecosystem and Google is the top dog.

That’s why Apple has Siri, Amazon has Evi and Microsoft has Cortana.

These voice assistants are definitely an important part of building the ecosystems.

But the reality is, that these companies need more than just voice assistants to accomplish the ecosystem dream.

They need search engines, Google-like search engines.

The companies who closely and firmly integrate mobile/wearable/home hardware with online services will win the race. 

In my opinion, two companies have the will, resources, reach, talent and innovative cultures that could succeed in building tomorrow’s widely used ecosystems.

These companies are Google and Apple.

Google because it has the informational discovery & the mobile platform part sorted but doesn’t have the consumer hardware reach.

Apple has the mobile platform and the hardware reach but doesn’t have the informational discovery part.

I believe it is high time for Apple to build it’s own search engine and use its hardware reach to succeed in the ecosystem race.

Siri won’t cut it.