Writing effective PPC adverts can sometimes be challenging and the impact an advert’s wording can have on your website’s visitors is often overlooked. Keywords are, of course, the most important factor for showing adverts to the right audience but the adverts need to do more than just entice people to click on them- they need to convert those clicks into sales.

When an advert appears for a search term I like to think of the people searching as ‘leads’ and what qualifies these leads for a business is how the ad copy is written. By using unique statements that define the services, products and prices clearly you can filter out non-converting traffic and improve your conversion rates – this method often lowers the Average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of an advert but it’s not a bad thing because it’s saving you money on clicks from people that would be less interested after reading about your services or checking the prices on your website.


So what makes you stand out from your competition? Maybe you’re the only solicitor in your area to offer a free consultation or perhaps you’re the cheapest hostel in a 50 mile radius – Whatever it is, If you’re offering something that no one else can – Get it in your adverts!


If your business is the cheapest supplier of a product don’t just say “Cheapest”, “Lowest” or “Unbeatable Prices”. You need to make sure you are shouting your prices from the rooftops! The best way to do this is to write an advert for every product you supply and put it’s price in the ad copy. For your broader campaigns that target a range of products, rather than a specific brand and model, use “Prices from £xx” to show you’re a low cost supplier of that item – This helps to narrow your clicks down to the people willing to spend at least “£xx” on the product.

The price focused Google Shopping results now dominate the top of search result pages for product specific searches so you really need to make sure you’re getting your price across and qualifying your clicks down to the people that are willing to spend the amount in your advert on the product. Again, if you’re the cheapest (and your website puts across how reputable your company is with things such as good reviews and testimonials) then you’re likely to win the business. Have a look at the image below to show effect use of pricing in ad copy at a product level.

shopping-resultsWe would love to hear what you have been experimenting with in your  adwords copy and if you have found anything that has really made an impact on your conversions!