Advertising is at the heart of the majority of Internet success stories. As opposed to newspapers where paid journalists create content, content on social media sites is created for free. The social media site only has to put their advertising next to it. Easy! Maybe, but unless the site generates visitors then no, it is not so easy. Us surfers are fickle individuals, unless we instantly like what we see we move on.

This is where Facebook seems to be going the distance. This is most likely because Facebook keeps in touch with the real world through its advertising and offers. For instance, Alton Towers is holding an event where you are only allowed in if you let Facebook know you have arrived using its geo-location Deals service. Facebook are using location in their deals! Another social media site using location is Foursquare who have partnered with American Express. All you do is check in at selected venues and you receive cash back! Sound good? Well this is just the beginning!