As an agency we are always on the lookout for good SEO tools and we will invest in any tool as long as it delivers the following:

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Increased productivity

The qualities mentioned above are critical but in a dynamic sector such as ours there are some other key elements we take into consideration before we embark upon purchasing SEO software. Google introduces round about 400-500 changes to its algorithm each year and on top of that Google always tweaks its user interface now and then. Therefore, the tools that we use have to be up to date all the time otherwise we will have inaccurate data and worst of all inaccurate reports sent to clients which can cost us dearly.

We have trialed and tested almost every website ranking software and link building tool under the sun, but AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) stands out and that is why we are using it as a standard in-house tool for ranking and reporting.

Caphyon offers four different versions of Advanced Web Ranking:

  • Standard Version – $99
  • Professional Version – $199
  • Enterprise Version – 399
  • Server – $599

We use the enterprise version because it has all the features and functionalities that we need as a SEO company. We have been using AWR for the last few months; it has helped us immensely in terms of efficiency and productivity. Ever since we started using AWR, it has become very clear that our SEO engineers have more time in their hands to focus on link building and other manual search engine optimisation work.

Ask any of our SEO guys and they will say AWR is fast, reliable and it offers comprehensive features, but it can be improved even further thanks to AWR’s integrated proxy manager!

Improving AWR’s performance exponentially

By default Advanced Web Ranking uses random delays between searches which basically means that you need to wait between 15-20 seconds. Although this is not much of restriction for a few campaign, it could prove time consuming if you have 100s of campaigns with 1000s of keywords. The beauty of AWR is the fact that it has an embedded Proxy Server Manager; the enterprise version even allows you to designate proxy per project which is a necessary feature if you are running local or international search engine optimisation campaigns.

This feature is only available in the Enterprise version of AWR.

This feature is only available in the Enterprise version of AWR.

Using a proxy service with Advanced Web Ranking is essential if you are running multiple campaigns with thousands of keywords. If you don’t use a proxy you will risk getting blocked by Google if it detects you running an automated process. This is a standard measure that all search engines have in place, if you use a tool that makes extensive automated queries without using proxy servers, you will risk blocking your entire network to the extent that other users in your workplace would not be able to carry out regular searches on Google.

In AWR, you can use multiple proxies by listing your proxies in the Preference settings under Proxy Server tabs shown below.

By using proxies you can avoid the AWR’s default delay measure and can increase AWR’s performance significantly. But first you need to find the right proxy service!

Finding good proxy service can be slightly challenging especially if you want private proxy servers in certain desired geographic locations – finding one that is reliable and cost effective is another challenge.

Trusted Proxies was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who is a developer. He doesn’t know much about SEO and he had never heard of AWR so it was a very pleasant surprise when I found out that Trusted Proxies had packages dedicated for Advanced Web Ranking – it couldn’t have been better!

I subscribed for UK Dedicated AWR Speed Pack 5 and within 15 minutes Trusted Proxies emailed me a list of proxies along with authentication details. They even supplied an AWR Ready Proxy Server Import file which allowed me to set everything up within in a minute. Getting first hand experience  of how much faster our processes have got since we used Trusted Proxies it is very likely that we will upgrade to a higher package.

Key benefits of Advanced Web Ranking Proxy Speed Packs

  • Geo-targeted proxy servers
  • Month to Month contracts with no minimum term
  • No Setup Fee
  • 7 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Technical Support included

UK Advanced Web Ranking Speed Packs


Advanced Web Ranking is an awesome tool. Caphyon’s support is next to none, a couple of months ago I noticed that ranking for one of our campaigns was slightly inaccurate. After a little investigation I discovered that Google had introduced a minor tweak to the way search results are displayed. I reported this issue to Caphyon via AWR’s support system, me and a colleague of mine anticipated that we would have to wait a few days until the issue get resolved. Much to our surprise we got an email back from Caphyon within minutes confirming that they were on the case. Within two hours an update was available and things got sorted!

If you are an agency or just a freelancer handling multiple SEO campaigns, you will work more efficiently if you use AWR with Trusted Proxies. You will have to try it Trusted Proxies with AWR for yourself to get the “before” and “after” feeling.