Ever wondered why you and your colleagues see different results on the Google landscape when you try and search for your own ads?

By searching (repeatedly) for your own ad on Google, you will be:

a.    Skewing your statistics and hindering your account performance

  • You will be increasing the number of impressions
  • Decreasing click through rate (CTR) as you won’t be clicking on your own ad (we hope!)
  • And as a result of the above, you will be causing a decrease in your ads rank / position and increasing your cost per click (CPC)

b.    Seeing different results to your what potential clients are seeing:

  • Google is extremely intuitive and tries hard to ensure it is delivering relevant adverts for your searches. If you search for your own ad and don’t click through, Google will recognise this and will stop showing you ads as it will assume you are not interested in the results it is delivering

So how can you see where your ads are appearing on the Google search results page when potential clients search for your keywords?

You can use the specially designed tool within your AdWords account called Ad  Preview and Diagnosis which can be found under the Tools tab:

Ad Preview Tool

The Ad Preview Tool will allow you to search for your keywords and will display results that a potential client would see without hindering your accounts statistics. You can even adjust the location settings so you can see what adverts a potential client in a specific location would see. You also have the option to view your ads on different devices:

Ad Preview Tool Snapshot

What next?
Log in to your AdWords account and give the Ad Preview Tool a go for yourself.