‘Ad Extensions’ are a great way of packing extra information into your adverts and making them stand out from the competition. Using Ad extensions will improve the performance of your account and are now considered crucial to the success of any Google AdWords campaign. You can configure your ad extensions by clicking the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab and selecting each extension type from the drop down menu.

There’s lots of different ways you can extend your adverts and by ensuring that you’ve opted in for every option that’s applicable to your business you can be sure your adverts have the best possible opportunity of displaying the extra information when a user performs a search.

Ad extensions will show when AdWords calculates that the extension(s) will improve the performance of your campaign and when your Ad Rank is high enough. 

Although there are several ways to extend your ads, There are two main types and these are:


These can be configured and set up within your AdWords account.


These do not require any set up and are shown automatically once you’ve met certain criteria.

App Extensions


App extensions are only available on tablets & mobile devices and will show a link to allow a user to download your app or take them to your app in the app store. 

Call Extensions

These a different depending on the device you are using.

On mobile…


On desktop…


 Configure call extensions to show your phone number with your adverts. You can use a Google forwarding number to track the number of times people call you via. your call extensions and the phone calls will be shown next to the keyword that drove the phone call under the ‘Phone Call Conv.’ column (provided the call is longer than the minimum call duration you specified to count as a conversion when setting up). If you create a call extension specifically for mobile devices you can choose to show both a link to your website and your phone number, or just your phone number. On mobile devices the call extension displays a button or a link that the user can click to call you.

Location Extensions


 These are shown using the address information from a verified Google Places listing and you will need to link your Google Places account with your AdWords account in order for this to work. The extension will be shown to people that are close to your business location and provide them with your address, a link to get directions and display your telephone number.

Review Extensions


 If you’ve received some good online press you can quote a review from a reputable third party source and show potential customers all the nice things they had to say about your company. These will be shown underneath your advert and can be either a direct quote or re-worded to save space. If you’re using a direct quote then your review extension will show with quotation marks. The name of the reviewer will always be shown. Remember: These must be reviews from a reputable entity or organisation and cannot be individual user reviews.

Sitelink Extensions


Sitelinks are a brilliant way of providing users with more selling points, prices, information and contact methods before they’ve clicked through to your website. You can direct users to different parts of your website by adding extra links underneath your advert. You can also provide a short description to explain the link to users – The clickable text and description can be great for including USP‘s, for example:

Free Delivery Free Delivery on All Orders Over £50

And link to a page detailing the free delivery offer.

You must add at least 4 sitelinks to an ad group or campaign for this extension to work.

Social Annotations


 These show how many followers (+1’s) your Google+ page has.

Consumer Rating Annotations


These show information from customers that have rated your business and the information is pulled from Google Surveys. The scores out of 10 your business has received for different areas of service will be shown underneath your advert.

Seller Rating Annotations


These show 5 stars and a score out of 5 for your company based on reviews & ratings that your customers have left via. Google Shopping or a  Google Certified Shop.

Previous Visit Annotations 


These show users if they’ve visited your website in the past and, if they have, how many times and when they last visited.


And there you have all the different types of ad extensions you can use to make your adverts bigger, better & brighter than your competitor’s. Before you leave to go and configure your own extensions have a look at this advert I came across recently that’s showing multiple ad extensions and really dominating their competition:


Finally, Google have a few new ad extensions that are currently in beta testing. These can be made available to certain advertisers on request and I will publish the details and how to apply for the beta ad extensions in my next blog post.


– Happy PPC’ing!