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If you have not read my previous blog posts on Klout, then you should skim through them quickly – there are a few SEO tips in them.

Today Klout has just announced that they have become more accurate and transparent, these were the two points that I had raised in my previous posts. In the official announcement Klout states:

Today we’re releasing a new scoring model with insights to help you understand changes in your influence. This project represents the biggest step forward in accuracy, transparency and our technology in Klout’s history. Joe shared the full vision behind these changes in his post last week.

Influence is the ability to drive action and is based on quality, not quantity. When someone engages with your content, we assess that action in the context of the person’s own activity. These principles form the basis of our PeopleRank algorithm which determines your Score based on:

  • how many people you influence,
  • how much you influence them and
  • how influential they are.

Now that is all very well but nothing much has changed about Klout. It looks like they have started focussing a bit more on Facebook activity, I say this based on a couple of accounts that I am familiar with.Want to achieve high Klout score in matter of days?

Quickest way to achieve high Klout Score:

  • Mention yourself in your tweets i.e. @someaccount Here is the actual tweet @youraccount
  • Retweet someone else’s tweets and mention yourself at the beginning of the tweet i.e. RT @youraccount Here is the actual tweet via @someaccount
  • Follower Fridays or the #FF hashtag is a really good way of mentioning your own account amongst others. Make sure you #FF high activity accounts and include yourself in the FF
  • Wait a couple of weeks and see the results. 🙂

This posts is developing…