Your user has searched and arrived at your landing page. When the user views your landing page they need to see the product or service that they are looking for or they will move on.

Your landing page therefore needs to deliver direct and obvious information about the searched product so the content needs to be both useful and user friendly and also relevant. There needs to be a link to the page that gives the most accurate information about the product described in your add.

Your content needs to define your business clearly and concisely whilst also being unique to you. You need to deliver the products or services that your ad is advertising as promised. It is not a good idea to request registration as this is off putting for the user.

Above all your pages need to be easy to navigate and your site needs to be easy to navigate.  Clarity of information is everything. Think, when you have searched for something how quickly you click away from a site that is confusing, unclear, doesn’t lead to what you want quickly and easily or doesn’t deliver on its promise.