Dreaming about dreaming? Why not blog about blogging?


(Bear with me, as this post will probably prove to be confusing!) When individuals take the time to write blog posts (which are not reworded from others and add value), I believe they all should have at least a moment to shine or be appreciate and I hope you’ll agree with me. The trouble is that there are thousands of posts written everyday and it’s difficult to grasp the attention of the potential audience. There are various methods which can be used to increase the likelihood that the audience will feel the urge to read your post(s) and saying that, SEO is one of the marketing techniques that can be used and that I’ll be describing in this post.

Highlighting Keywords

The first technique I’ll be discussing is establishing and highlighting particular keywords. By emphasising, underlining and bolding particular words and sentences, you can improve the strength of your posts and probability of appearing in search engine results e.g. if I wanted to focus the keyword of this post at SEO, then I would ensure that SEO would be styled appropriately using HTML elements and attributes to look like they stand out and also ensure that word SEO is as close to the beginning of this post as possible. Oh, and I forgot to mention that increasing the incidences of the keyword in your post also helps (but not too often!).

Internal Links

The second is internally linking to and from your post. Yup, you’ve probably heard enough about that, so I won’t go into detail; but what I will say is that internally linking helps to indicate the relevance of your post to your overall website or blog and other websites. Search engines tend to investigate the websites you are linking to and vice-versa. So ‘voting’ for other relevant websites (by linking) whilst ‘voting’ for yours can help.

Content Length

Thirdly, the length of your content can make a difference. I’d say usually around 400 words would suffice as a blog post…at the minimum! In SEO, typically 250 – 1000 words is a suitable length of text to contain on a page – but of course, if an image or video is to be included on the page/post, then this is a unique matter. And if it’s a combination of media types, then it can be weighed as appropriate. So in other words, if this paragraph was the entire contents of my blog post, it’s not going to get any traction any time soon.

Relevant Titles

Fourthly, ensure your blog heading/title is relevant to your post (or at least reflects it). The number of blog posts I have come across with irrelevant and untidy titles and URLs (especially on Tumblr! Excuse my anger moment). Titles and headers are the initial statements of what you are discussing. You wouldn’t walk up to a friend, tell them that you’re talking about silver and start talking about tomatoes! Ensure your readers know what they are reading before they read it. And ensure your keyword target has been declared in your title; if you want to ‘bait’ your audience into reading your post by using an eye-catching description, leave that to the Social Media side of things.

Duplicate Content – NO!

Finally, avoid attempting to create blog posts with similar titles and content in an attempt to entice search engines into thinking your blog is relevant to a particular sector – do it naturally. Simply juggling around words will not get past Google or Bing; the search engines are adept in tracking the occurrences of these within web pages. Moreover, they can also tell if a piece of content is a duplicate by verifying the uniqueness of the post. Sometimes, it is inevitable to possess similar content to another post/website, but again, those query agents are smart enough to realise what is an act of deliberate plagiarism, and what isn’t.

There are probably a few other tips I could have included such as SEO plugins, outreach, considering which host to use for your blog… have I missed anything? Hit me with anything and everything using the comments box below. I’m sure bloggers of all skillsets and levels would find it useful if we could produce a nice set of ideas together ^_^