When time is short and the infamous ‘creative block’ restricts you from doing your job, us high maintenance web designers often crave a bit of visual loveliness to get the juices flowing. Thus, I thought I’d put all my creative ports of call into one blog post. Because I’m nice that that.

1. Abduzeedo

Not necessarily a ‘web design’ specific inspiration site, but it has lots of brilliant showcases on Logos, Illustration and Typography to name a few. They also have a really nice ‘Daily Inspiration’ feature which showcases an eclectic collection of artwork from all medias and disciplines. Definitely worth a look.

2. Design Fridge

This one is much more web specific – Design Fridge showcases hundreds of clean and modern websites – all under the criteria of being very user friendly and commercially viable. The best part about Design Fridge is their sorting feature – you can sort the showcases by Style / Layout / Colour / Texture / Format / Theme. Handy when you want to find inspiration on a specific brief very quickly.

3. Looks Like Good Design

Founded by experienced Scandinavian graphic designer Jonas Kamber, Looks Like Good Design is another great site for getting examples of great design from a variety of different mediums. The style of the site is edgy – good for when you want to push the barriers of a new brief. I’m also keen on the randomly vulgar swear words that are dotted around the prose of the site. “Fucking high quality inspiration” is one of them. Brilliant.

4. CSS Mania

Another scintillating library of modern, tasteful websites, possibly more diverse in style than that of Design Fridge. CSS Mania sort their Galleries by Topics – again handy when you are searching for inspiration on a specific brief.

5. Styleboost

A Website specific inspiration site – Styleboost are much more ‘outside the box’ than CSS Mania and Design Fridge. Their examples are quirky and brave. The site tilters on the thin line of commercial viability, but the showcases included are unmistakeably beautiful none the less. Inspiration for the daring.

Any more sites I should know about? Let me know on twitter (@creativeflynn). We can oggle and discuss them in more detail, possibly over a selection of digital tea and biscuits. How English.