Maybe it’s because its Christmas eve. Whatever it is, I have the overwhelming urge to post about what us web designers would like for Christmas. So whether you’re a relative, friend or colleague – I have kindly written you a guide into what I … I mean ‘we’ would like tomorrow. Please.

1. Color Index by Jim Krause

Color Index

Such a handy book. The Color Index is a pocket guide to different colour combinations, and when they are best used. Organised by emotion/feeling, The Color Index tells you what would work best for your project and gives you the associative CMYK/RGB breakdowns along the way. It’s so good, I’m inclined to forgive the blatant misspelling of ‘Colour’. Although you Americans will disagree.

2. Information is Beautiful by David McCandless

Information Is Beautiful

Does what it says on the cover. In the ever growing world wide web, infographics and data visualisation are as ever an important skill to have as a web designer. This book gives you inspiration into how data can become interesting and engaging to the reader. It illustrates how good visual design can be far more effective at getting a message across than more basic mediums.

3. The Logo Lounge Series by Bill Gardner and Anne Hellman

Logo Lounge

If you’re like me and have an underlying passion for branding, these 7 books are fantastic inspiration for creating innotative, creative and effective logos. Made up of multiple submissions from companies around the world, The Logo Lounge books categorise the logos into a format which is easy to use and understand.

4. Designing For Emotion by Aarron Walter

Designing For Emotion

I think one of the keys of good effective design, Aarron Walter’s talks in depth about the importance of emotion and human connection within Web Design. As the MailChimp user experience design lead, Aarron uses his experience to communicate ideas spawning from psychology case studies, highbrow concepts and good old common sense.

5. Barnbrook Bible by Jonathan Barnbrook

Barnbrook Bible

A personal favourite of mine, The Barnbrook Bible is a book which contains the Graphic Design work of Artist Jonathan Barnbrook. Inspired by Constructivism and modern globalisation topics, Barnbrook creates visually dynamic and highly thought provoking work that will inspire any socially conscious designer. Whether his style is your bag or not, it’s hard to deny his talent of creating poignant messages with graphic design.