It was a bit odd to see 123-Reg down today as we were looking them up for domain suggestions. It looked like they were down for around 45mins to an hour. Then we had an email from Webfusion, their parent company, with a rather interesting message into what happened earlier today:

Important service message

Earlier today, a system outage occurred at our data centre. Please allow us to firstly apologise if you were in any way affected by this unfortunate event.

The outage occurred while an external third party was carrying out routine maintenance in our data centre. Due to a human error, our fire prevention systems were accidentally activated, sending the servers into safe mode and suspending online connectivity.

Data protection is our biggest concern at Webfusion. Accordingly, the data centre is configured to prevent major incidents, such as fire, causing permanent data loss. We hope you understand that this is our foremost concern.

We deeply regret any problems that this outage may have caused you, and please rest assured that we working flat-out to quickly resume normal service.

Kind regards,
The Webfusion team

In case you were wondering who 123-Reg are, they’re popular domain resellers within the UK. But it is interesting to see how much protection data centres can have and the levels companies go to protect that data – which should be certainly the case (perhaps even when it involves human error).