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Interflora is a very well known brand in the UK and they are probably one of the most successful on-line florists in Europe. Through out the past couple of years I have been closely monitoring their site. They have done really well, I am not going to name any agencies here but I knew the agency who used to carry out their search engine optimisation. And if the old agency is reading this blog post, let me tell you that you had done a good job even though the hidden links you have placed on your site back to Interflora didn’t go unnoticed.

I am not quite sure who is doing Interflora’s search engine optimisation right now, but boy they have knocked off a big site during the most lucrative season – mother’s day is only around the corner!

Interflora is completely wiped off the natural search results, they are not even appearing for their own brand name and the SEO agency in question will have to answer a lot of questions, I am guessing.

The truth of the matter is that on-line hampers and flower delivery niche is competitive, you really have to think outside the box to beat your competitors. It is a seasonal business so being strategic and tactical is the key.

Interflora’s SEO penalty will probably last around 90 days, during this period they will only be able to appear on sponsored ads. This has all the signs of manual action by Google, so it is really up to them as to win this penalty gets lifted.

Here is a piece of humble advise, if you are going to go aggressive seasonally then try to compartmentalize your aggressive methods so that only a certain theme of keywords or landing pages get hit after the peak of season. If you don’t compartmentalize your aggressive methods and tactics then you will end up burning the entire site, yes a bit like Interflora.

To give you a quick example, if you are aiming for “valentines day flowers” then start go aggressive 3 months ahead of the season and if Google hits with you a penalty then at least you will have almost another year to recover and to compete for “valentines” related keywords.

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  1. as one of the bloggers asked to remove links, I am a little suprised. So far as I know, none of us were paid or asked for follow links. Mine were no-follow with a disclaimer for the flowers I was sent. Isn’t that compliant with Google guidelines?

    • If it was “no follow” then you have been compliant. I don’t think its about “reviews” as that is not just their main link building tactic. I will publish more information on this subject later on.

    • graeme benge says:

      Everyones got a theory…thought Alex over on Dave naylors blog had a pretty compelling theory. Basically, interfloras lord lucan act has coincided with drastic page rank drops on local newspaper sites that ran interflora advertorials.